When it comes to feeling physically fit, millions find themselves asking why they fail to achieve the goals they set in shaping themselves in a way that makes them feel good about themselves. If you forget about the “wow” factor that a toned and athletic body rewards you with for the time being, you find a physically fit body being a prerequisite for a sound and alert mental power. The question is, then, how do we keep ourselves fit? Let’s look at some of the very basic things we might need to consider:

1. EAT well !

Fresh & Healthy Meal DeliveryIt is almost impossible to overstate the importance of proper feeding. Everyone seems to recite this mantra automatically; however, only few seem to know well what it really means to eat well. Let me use two stories to make my point. Where I used to work years ago, I had a colleague that has a killer body that wows nearly every one. Even more interesting was that she was able to maintain it for years (okay, okay.. at least until I left). Now, if you asked around, many could guess that she must a vegetarian or a no-chocolate, no egg, no cheese girl. What I found very interesting was what she said when I asked her the same question. She answered casually “I eat anything I like”. For me, that answers it.It’s the answer I found essentially in many subsequent conversations with people with great bodies. I strongly believe that the first secret to a physically fit body is to ENJOY what you eat and nourish our body with a balanced  diet.

2. Exercise REGULARLY !

The venus factor

Now to the obvious secret…exercise. We do need exercise to function properly because, obviously, we made ourselves the way are through rigorous exercise. If you about it, few years back, our ancestors used to walk tens of miles to get food. Life was full of labor-intensive work that made every one drench in sweat. Our bodies were used to such strenuous exercise and crave it.


So, the least we could do to our body is reward it with exercise and reward it REGULARLY ! The point here isn’t really about how much we exercise, but rather how REGULARLY we do it. Jogging for few minutes, going for a relaxing walk in a park, hiking or swimming, if practiced regularly, are powerful ways of shaping oneself up. Again the key word for success here is being a REGULAR. Remember to reward your body with a regular, relaxing exercise that it craves and you will see changes.


Finally, gratitude and self appreciation are among the most potent physiological nourishment to our bodies. It’s a proven fact that the way we think about ourselves affects our physiology and our function. It seems that our body needs positive enforcement and a balanced view. After all, our mental acuteness and physical robustness are harmonically entwined like the two strands of our DNA.
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